Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrenees merged into a single region on 1st January 2016.
The data of this site mainly concerns the former Midi-Pyrenees region and is currently being updated.


A high level of qualification

  • 116,900 students
  • Ranked 2nd in France for the number of degrees awarded every year
  • 91.3 % success rate in Baccalaureate Exam in 2012 (French average: 84.5%).

Distribution of students in Midi-Pyrenees

Source: INSEE, 2010-2011 data

The main institutions of higher education

- The 4 universities:

These universities are unified within the Centre for Research and Higher Education (PRES) University of Toulouse.

- Engineering Schools:

  • lNPT, National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, with 7 Engineering Schools: ENSAT, National Agronomy School of Toulouse, ENSEEIHT, National School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Information Technology, Hydraulics and Telecommunications, ENSIACET, National School for Engineers in Chemical and Technological Arts, ENIT, National Engineering School of Tarbes, Purpan Engineering School, ENM, National Meteorology School and ENVT, National Veterinary School of Toulouse
  • INSA - National Institute of Applied Sciences
  • ENAC - National Civil Aviation School
  • ISAE - Advanced Aeronautics and Space Institute
  • EMAC - Albi-Carmaux School of Mines
  • CESI - Centre of Advanced Industrial Studies
  • ICAM Toulouse - Catholic Institute of Arts and Trades.

Other higher education schools

  • ENFA - National School of Agronomic Training,
  • TBS - Toulouse Business School,
  • ISEG - European Management Institute.