Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrenees merged into a single region on 1st January 2016.
The data of this site mainly concerns the former Midi-Pyrenees region and is currently being updated.


Midi-Pyrenees, a region conducive to the development of tomorrow’s health services, where world-renowned aeronautics, space, ICT, agribusiness and biotechnology skills meet.


Thanks to cutting-edge research and France’s leading university hospital, the 230 regional companies in the health sector and the Cancer-Bio-Health competitiveness cluster have developed areas of excellence on an international scale, ranging from prevention to patient monitoring at home, and including advances in medical treatment and devices.

Midi-Pyrenees, a region conducive to the development of tomorrow’s health services, is at the crossroads of world-renowned expertise in aeronautics, space, ICT, agribusiness and biotechnology.

Internationally recognized specialties:

  • Oncology
  • Neurosciences and ageing
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Medical devices
  • E-Health
  • Diet-health


The Oncopôle of Toulouse, unique in Europe, brings together the full range of academic, scientific, technological, medical, clinical, pharmaceutical, public and private skills on a single campus:

Key figures

  • More than 10,000 jobs in the private sector
  • 230 companies (CRO, CMO, diagnostics, drugs, medical equipment, etc.)
  • 3,650 private and public researchers in the life sciences
  • 117,000 students, including 17,800 students in health and life sciences
  • 31,000 graduates, including 4,500 in health and life sciences
  • Cancer-Bio-Health competitiveness cluster

Key players

Competitiveness cluster, networks and organizations dedicated to the sector

  • Cancer Bio Health competitiveness cluster (CBS): dedicated to developing innovative products and technologies to improve patient care and the fight against cancer.
  • BioMédical Alliance (BMA): the group of companies in the bio-health sector in Midi-Pyrenees.
  • JEInnov: association of young innovative companies for training, networking, financing, lobbying.
  • INTERBIO: Euro-regional inter-professional association, tool for developing and structuring the biotechnology industry.
  • PA3S: Food, Hygiene and Health Cluster, to establish a research consortium on food, ranging from benefits to risks.

Leading companies

Education & Training


Large laboratories

A concentration of technology platforms


  • Ecc Partnering: The European Cancer Cluster Partnering is the first Business to Business event specialized in oncology
  • Summer University of e-Health: 3 days of discussion focused on a growing sector with the participation of over 500 stakeholders in the field
  • Telehealth Day : event organized by CATEL in 15 cities, representing the 6 continents, connected by video-conferencing. Castres hosts this day-long event in Midi-Pyrenees.
  • 4th Health & Food Symposium: European event bringing together academic research and health-food professionals.