Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrenees merged into a single region on 1st January 2016.
The data of this site mainly concerns the former Midi-Pyrenees region and is currently being updated.


Midi-Pyrenees is one of the best prepared French regions in terms of financing tools to develop corporate equity structure.

Since 2004, Midi-Pyrenees Expansion has held the annual MIDINVEST event (regional meetings for "equity" financing) where high-potential companies come into contact with regional and national investors, start-ups, and growing businesses.

In 2009, a financial support approach was set up to guide the companies towards better tools and organizations tailored to their needs (business creation, development, restructuring or transfer): this consists of the SME Support Platform that brings together the key institutional stakeholders in economic development (Deposits and Consignments Fund, Region, State, Banque de France, Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry and OSEO).

Key national operators present in the region

  • FSI Regions
    FSI REGIONS invests in the capital of rapidly growing SMEs to help them finance sustainable growth, and more generally, supports and guides business leaders in their search for financing solutions.
  • ACE Management (Toulouse)
    ACE Management is a portfolio management company specializing in capital investment in technology companies in the aeronautics, maritime, defense and safety fields. Midi-Pyrenees is particularly involved with the Aerofund dedicated to financing developing companies in the aeronautics sector.
    The WISEED collective financing platform, founded and based in Toulouse, facilitates capital investment in innovative start-ups using citizen savings for sustainable economic development.

Major regional / inter-regional operators

  • IRDI (Regional Industrial Development Institute - Midi-Pyrenees)
    IRDI provides equity investment to companies contributing to regional economic development that are either being created, developed or transferred. The invested amounts range from €500K to €5M.
  • MPC (Midi-Pyrénées Croissance)
    This local investment capital company, involved in all phases of a company’s life cycle, invests amounts ranging from €50K to €500K.
    MPC entrusts the preparation of files to the departmental delegations délégations départementales.
  • IRDInov (IRDI group)
    IRDInov is a seed fund reserved for innovative / technology SMEs less than 8 years old. Interventions for an initial pool are between €500K and €3M.
  • Midi-Capital
    MIDI CAPITAL invests in SME equity capital in the development or transfer phase.
  • GSO Capital (Credit Agricole group)
    GRAND SUD-OUEST CAPITAL supports SMEs in their development or transfer projects with investments ranging from €200K to €1.5M.
  • IXO Private Equity
    IXO PRIVATE EQUITY is a management company using public savings for investment. It invests in venture capital, development capital and business transfer. It manages mutual fund venture investments, local investment funds, and innovation-focused mutual funds.
    Investments range from €500K to €10M in one or more pools.
  • Capitole Angels
    Federation of business angels in Midi-Pyrenees, Capitole Angels invests in seed and venture capital for innovative high-growth very-small-businesses and SMEs.
  • Midi-Pyrenees Actives
    Midi-Pyrenees Actives (MPA) financially supports job creation projects by paying special attention to those in difficulty.
    Through inflow of equity capital, bank guarantees or NACRE loans, MPA provides technical and financial support to entrepreneurship projects and the creation or development of associations and social enterprises.
  • IES
    IES (Initiatives for Solidarity Economy) is a cooperative, community-oriented venture capital enterprise aimed at solidarity companies. For 5 years, the financed companies benefit from:
    - An inflow of equity capital (capital, associated current account, equity investments, etc.)
    - Volunteer support, provided by cooperative partners.

Major departemental/inter-departemental operators

Members of the Initiative Midi-Pyrenees network, the 9 Midi-Pyrenees platforms and associated organizations support project directors and grant them loans on trust (free of interest or personal guarantee) to help them fund a business development or acquisition project.

Other entities providing loans on trust:

Other operators in local capital: