Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrenees merged into a single region on 1st January 2016.
The data of this site mainly concerns the former Midi-Pyrenees region and is currently being updated.

Customer relationship centers

Midi-Pyrenees cultivates customer-relationship quality and has a low staff turnover.


The region has attracted customer relations centers of all sizes for many years. These centers initially specialized in pioneering activities (telephony, telemarketing, online sales, online training, etc.), and now are gradually integrating into all types of business strategies (health, tourism, transport, food processing, public sector, etc.).

Key figures

  • 160 customer relations centers
  • 7,500 telemarketers
  • 75% in-sourcers (internalized centers)
  • 50% of workforce with out-sourcers (externalized centers)
  • A potential of 12,000 telemarketers


  • A network of medium-sized cities whose population centers (70,000 - 450,000 inhabitants) are not saturated for call center activities
  • A stable workforce with a limited turnover
  • Several thousand square meters of dedicated floor space offering competitive rental prices
  • Broadband networks, telecom operators and integrators, software vendors, etc.

Midi-Pyrenees has customized real estate offers in Tarn, Hautes-Pyrenees, Aveyron, etc. as well as service infrastructures s and high-quality business parks.

The "Midi-Pyrenees broadband" plan set up by the Midi-Pyrenees Regional Council and telecom service operators, as well as the presence of large regional operators (Intermédia Sud, e-tera, Alsatis, Ariège Telecom, Garonne Networks, Net Aveyron, etc.) actively contribute to the development of infrastructure and a broadband offer compliant with the demands and responsiveness requirements of customer-relations companies.

Key players

Cartographie des centres d'appels

Education & Training

Training for careers in customer relations

About a dozen BTS degree programs are offered in “Negotiation and customer relations” throughout the region (Rodez, Muret, Toulouse, Balma, Mazamet, Castres, Tarbes, Cahors), training over 400 students/year.
Many “Business” training courses, from Bac Pro (sedcondary) to BTS (Bac pro Business, BTS Technical Sales, BTS international business, IUT Marketing techniques, etc.).

Professional training

Greta The Greta training network also develops specific training courses on demand to meet the needs of each call center.
AFPA The AFPA Midi-Pyrenees professional training center was a pioneer in France in training telemarketers; it offers a Degree of Remote Customer Service Consultant and a Degree of Supervisor.


Midi-Pyrenees enjoys low personnel turnover of 3% to 4 % per year whereas it hovers around 30% on average in France (18% in Rhône-Alpes, 60% in Ile-de-France).

A large labor pool

  • Over 110,000 students including 11% foreigners
  • Over 17,000 Bac+2
  • Over 5,000 enrolled in foreign languages Source: Rectorat de l’Académie de Toulouse (Board of Education of the Academy of Toulouse)

A method: the criterion of ability

Pôle EmploiSince 1998, the Midi-Pyrenees Pôle Emploi Employment Agency offers an innovative offer for recruitment.
Based on skills (all capacities) required to adapt to the work station rather than on the diploma and professional experience of the candidate, the Pôle Emploi Employment Agency assists the companies in recruiting locally. This method also helps reduce turnover. It is applied throughout the Midi-Pyrenees region.