Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrenees merged into a single region on 1st January 2016.
The data of this site mainly concerns the former Midi-Pyrenees region and is currently being updated.


An industry of the future backed by the expertise developed in the health sector.


5 major areas of application where regional biotech skills are developing:

  • Human health: R&D and production of drugs, particularly to treat cardiovascular diseases, cancer and nosocomial diseases
  • Agricultural supply sector: research, production and worldwide marketing of field crop seeds
  • Cosmetics: R&D and production of active ingredients from plants
  • Food processing: R&D and production of ingredients (yeast, nutrients, bacteria, etc.) having beneficial health properties
  • Environment: development of products and procedures (bacterial and enzyme products, filtration membranes, methanization, etc.) for the treatment and elimination of pollutants

Key figures

  • 90 companies
  • 3,400 employees
  • 3,650 public and private researchers in life sciences
  • 17,800 students in health and life sciences including 4,500 graduates every year

Main players

Competitiveness cluster, networks and structures dedicated to the sector

  • 3 Competitiveness clusters:
    • Agrimip Sud-Ouest Innovation: focuses on agrichains to promote production sectors for the emergence of agrichains meeting market demands for high quality products that respect the environment
    • Cancer-Bio-Health: development of technologies and innovative products to improve patient care and contribute to the fight against cancer
    • Water, world competitiveness cluster: evaluation and optimization of water resources through associated pollution control technologies
  • BioMédical Alliance: group of companies in the Bio Health sector in Midi-Pyrenees
  • WSM Cluster (Water Sensors and Membranes). Position: membrane and sensor technologies applied to water resources

Industrial fabric comprising many innovative SMEs:

Human health:
Adisseo, Argène, Cayla Invivogen, Cerenis Therapeutics, Diasys France, Genticel, GTP Technology, Millegen, Orfagen, Vectalys...

Agricultural supplies:
Agronutrition, Biogemma, Caussade Semences, Euralis Semences, Monsanto, Pioneer France, RAGT, Soltis, Syngenta France, Vivadour...

Biosentec, Biostime Pharma, Dynadis, Genibio, Laboratoires Jerodia, Lallemand, Libragen, Novaleads, Nutritis, Phodé...

Actichem, Biogest, Kobo Products, Laboratoires Lebeau, Libragen, Parfums Berdoues, Pierre Fabre Dermo-cosmétique, Serp, Syntivia, Sicre Cosmétiques...

AB7 Industries, ABC Membranes, Aquasource, Bioqual, Lobial, Methaneva, Neosens, Olva Technologies, Phodé, Polymen...

Education & Training

4 Universities: UT1 Capitole, UT2 Le Mirail, UT3 Paul Sabatier, INPT,
Doctoral school "Biology-Health-Biotechnologies"
Prestigious Grandes Écoles: INSA of Toulouse, École des Mines Albi-Carmaux


Technology transfer organizations and technological platforms: