Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrenees merged into a single region on 1st January 2016.
The data of this site mainly concerns the former Midi-Pyrenees region and is currently being updated.


A sector sharing extensive synergy with aeronautics and whose importance and potential continue to assert themselves in Midi-Pyrenees.


By "automotive" we refer to vehicles with 2 to 4 wheels as well as heavy quadricycles. The region can be proud of particularly strong skills in mechanics and embedded electronics to meet the challenges of electro-mobility. It is further distinguished by its ability to industrialize high-end technology at competitive costs.

These automotive skills have developed over 40 years in Midi-Pyrenees

  • 1991: MIRGAS (electric traction), the pioneer French joint laboratory (Siemens VDO - LAAS)
  • 1986: Bendix Electronics sells its “Small-series Production” division which becomes Actia
  • 1984: Renix (known as Continental today) sets up its site in Foix - 09
  • 1983: Renix sets up its Boussens site - 31
  • 1979: Renix sets up its Toulouse site
  • 1970: Bosch sets up its site at Onet le Château - 12
  • 1967: Motorola (known as Freescale today) chooses Toulouse for its European location

Key figures

  • 190 companies concerned including, 80 specialized companies employing 11,000 people
  • > Over €2 Bn in revenues.
  • For information - downstream of the industry - sales, maintenance and repairs involve:
    • 5 200 establishments
    • 19 000 employees

Key Industrial Players


Principaux Etablissements Automobiles de Midi-Pyrénées
Major equipment manufacturers present include:
Continental, Bosch, Actia, Johnson Controls, Groupe Arche, Valeo...

Vehicle design:
Safra, Helem, Boxer Design...

Freescale, Meas, Nexter Electronics...

Tools / machine tools:
Comau, Cinetic Machining, Syselec...

Mobility services:
Sedimap, Sterela, Lyberta...

Engineering departments:
AKKA, SII, Defi 12...

Key players in research/education

INP-ENSEEIHT (More than 350 engineering graduates per year): The school focuses on two areas: energy-environment, and digital technologies. It also relies on its four research laboratories (IRIT, IMFT, LAAS and LAPLACE).

LAAS (650 personnes): LAAS (650 people) a unit of CNRS, has its operations in the fields of science and technology of information, communication and systems. Its projects relating to the automotive field include:

  • Diagnosis (with Actia)
  • MOS power components (with Valeo and Freescale)
  • High power components suitable for hybrid and electric vehicles

LAPLACE (300 people): the leading concentration of researchers in the field of Electrical Engineering and Plasma at the national level. Focus on electromechanical energy conversion.

Lycée GALLIENI (over 800 students): From CAP professional diplomas to BTS technical degress, the school prepares students for careers in the automotive, transport and logistics industry: maintenance, repair, painting, etc.

Automotech, a Cluster dedicated to the automotive industry in Midi-Pyrenees

Founded in March 2012, Automotech is accredited by the Automobile Industry Platform as the Regional Association of the Automotive Industry. It unites all stakeholders of the sector (companies, educational institutes, research centers, public authorities) in the region with the aim of developing a network to create businesses and prepare skills for the future.

Associations promoting business development

  • Aerospace Valley: Global Competitiveness Cluster with more than 50% of projects relating to embedded systems applied particularly to transportation.
  • Mecanic Vallée: network of 250 companies in the mechanical engineering industry which organizes yearly business meetings in October with clients in the aeronautics and automotive sectors.
  • PHyRENEES: aims at setting up structured hydrogen systems, from production to use including transportation and storage.

Technology platforms on future themes

  • Nogaropôle: around the officially recognized F1 circuit, a center with a simulator for drivers, and a unique geo-positioning system in France
  • PRIMES: development of collaborative projects in the field of mechatronics (synergic combination of mechanics, electronics, real-time computing) and energy management.