Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrenees merged into a single region on 1st January 2016.
The data of this site mainly concerns the former Midi-Pyrenees region and is currently being updated.


"The land is fertile here. Ideas circulate and come to fruition here. People smile here because they are aware of their strong points. Midi-Pyrenees, in its authenticity and creativity, is not only the largest region in France, but it is also unique; driven by the love of challenges and encounters; open to the world. Welcome to Midi-Pyrenees. Welcome to south-west France."
Martin Malvy
Former Minister
President of Midi-Pyrenees Region

Midi-Pyrenees, the 2nd most attractive region in France

  • 32,000 new residents per year
  • 3rd French region for international investment
  • 4 competitiveness clusters, including a global one
  • Toulouse, the city with the highest growth rate in France

A region and a city acclaimed every year in opinion polls

  • Trendeo (2012): Midi-Pyrenees in the top four of the most job-creating regions
  • APEC (2012): Midi-Pyrenees ranked 2nd in France for its attractiveness and quality of life by young professionals and graduates
  • Le Journal des Entreprises (2012): leading city for its economic dynamism, job-creation, management jobs, housing and third city for per capita GDP.
  • (2012): Best city to study in

A region with a strong international culture